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The Eastwind Owls Are a cozy group of reviewers out to spread the word And share their love for the eastwind witches series.

Owls receive Advance copies of soon to be released books. They read and review, posting their honest reviews on the launch date, so that potential readers will have what they need to decide if the Eastwind Witches series is one they'll enjoy.

Featured reviewer


Karen Patterson

What three things do you think a story must have to make it a great paranormal cozy mystery?
A great paranormal cozy mystery needs to start with the basics: an interesting plot, good writing, well-drawn characters, a good balance of humor and pathos, and a dash (or more!) of romance.

In order to stand out in the seemingly thousands of other offerings, a GREAT PCM has to go beyond the usual formula and dressing of the genre. That’s where Eastwind Witches excels, right from book 1 - not only has Nora arrived in her new situation in a truly unusual fashion, she is also a strong individual who finds a way to thrive with the new hand she’s been dealt - Nora may be dead, but she’s not broken.

As a reader, are you a binger (read every book available in a series before moving to the next series) or a snacker (a book from one series here, another from another there,etc.)?
I’m definitely a binger when I can get my hands on a good series. There’s something so yummy about the thought of all those satisfying hours stretching out before me.

Right now I’m bingeing on two series: one ebook and one audiobook. The ebook is Janet Dawson’s Jeri Howard series. The audio series is Vicki Daley’s Constable Molly Smith mysteries. I reserve audiobooks for distraction while I walk or garden. I get more exercise that way because I’m always wanting to know what comes next!

What do you enjoy most about the Eastwind Witches series?
Where to start? I love the inventiveness used in constructing the parameters of the Eastwind ‘world’, and I find the characters irresistible. I’d love to be able to hang out with most of them. Nova’s done such a good job telling us who they are that I feel very comfortable with Nora and company. I KNOW them.

Best of all, Nova's stories of Eastwind are the stories of all of us. And she tells our stories so well.

If you had to become one of the “creatures” of Eastwind (witches, weres, grims, owls, reapers, genies, leprechauns, vampires, pixies, etc.), which would you choose?
I probably would be a witch, or at least a creature who was in some way fey. I’m strongly attracted to the history of my Celtic ancestors, and believe in the power and ‘rightness’ of Celtic Spirituality.

In the Paranormal Cozy Mystery genre, few authors stand out. I know. I read a lot of cozy authors, but most of the time it’s just one book of theirs. I won’t waste MY precious reading enjoyment on so-so stories.

So it’s significant when I say that I just finished Book 12 of Nova Nelson’s Eastwind Witches series. Beginning with Book 1, the exploits of Nora Ashcroft, her hellhound familiar Grim, Nora’s friends and all the other wonder-full denizens of the realm of Eastwind, captured my imagination and delighted me.
— Karen Patterson for First-Realm Problems

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