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TEAm: A Group of individuals working together to ACHIEVE a Common goal 

The Eastwind Owls Are a cozy group of reviewers out to spread the word And share their love for the eastwind witches series.

Owls receive Advance copies of soon to be released books. They read and review, posting their honest reviews on the launch date, so that potential readers will have what they need to decide if the Eastwind Witches series is one they'll enjoy.

Featured reviewer


Sheila Ames

What three things do you think are cool about bookworms?1. Bookworms get to go on adventures every time we turn the pages of a book and honestly for those who don’t read, they are totally missing out!

2. Our book collection tends to have multiple copies of the same book because the different cover arts are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

3. When we find others who have read the same books, we are friends instantly and with that comes recommendations of new books to add to our TBR shelf and new adventures we get to go on.

Has a book you’re reading ever moved you to tears?
Ummm, yes, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The thing is as readers, we put our hopes and our support to these characters because when we read we are in their world and the characters become real and we care about them and when these characters are hurt or are hurting you get emotional! Getting emotional to the point of tears means the author did an amazing job building the characters that the reader was able to connect with them in their own way.

What do you enjoy most about the Eastwind Witches series?
What I enjoy most about the Eastwind Witch Series are the characters. With each book I want to know what happens next in Nora's and her friends' lives. I want her to get her happy ending and I am always down for the next adventure/mystery.

If you could jump through a portal and visit Eastwind, would you? If so, where would you go first?
If I could jump through the portal and visit Eastwind I totally would! It's a bookworms dream to immerse themselves into the world they are reading!! I would first go to Medium Rare [since] that's the place where Nora first went to. I would love to dine in and try the famous queso and take a peek at the regulars, especially Ted, and I would totally nerd out during my visit! lol

WOW. What an emotional rollercoaster. Book 11 in the Eastwind Witches series feels like the readers are just about to reach the peak of the rollercoaster ride and now we are holding on for the climax that’s about to come. As always this was a page turner all on it’s own. The storyline keeps readers wanting more and the endless possibilities of what happens next makes me crave for book 12 to come out soon!
— Sheila Ames for Old Haunts

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Those owls don’t mess around...

No, they don’t... not even all the witches in Eastwind could harm or manipulate an owl. They’re untouchable.
— Nora & Tanner, Death Metal