Introducing True & Bloom

See Eastwind like never before in this new series!

A Werebear Scare (Book 1)

A missing werebear. A string of attacks. This sheriff needs psychic back-up...

Fifth Wind witch Ruby True has spent seventeen years wrangling spirits in magical Eastwind, and somedays she feels like she's seen it all. 

But today is not one of those days. 

Angel Sheriff Gabby Bloom is up to her wings in paperwork for the High Council. So when a simple missing person case takes an unexpected turn, she seizes the opportunity to get out of the office and convince her dear friend Ruby to help her look into it. 

But a string of suspicious attacks and rumblings of an old werebear legend lead Ruby True and Sheriff Bloom into uncharted territory, and if they can't stop the one responsible for the carnage, they could be the next on its list... 

Elves’ Bells (Book 2)

Available 11/12/19

When an elf falls to his death from Eastwind’s clock tower, a cryptic message on him points to Fifth Wind witch Ruby True as the main suspect.

With the help of Sheriff Bloom’s judgment and Clifford’s nose, will they be able to sniff out the real culprit… before another Eastwinder dies?

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The Missing Motive

Nora Ashcroft is just getting settled into her new town of Eastwind. After solving her first case using her powers as a Fifth Wind witch, she thinks she might have this sleuthing thing down. After all, it’s just a matter of means, motive, and opportunity, right?

Not according to Ruby True, Nora’s mentor and the only other Fifth Wind in town. She’s been doing this job since before Nora was born and knows that sometimes getting to the bottom of a murder can be especially complicated business. Especially when everyone in town has a motive…

The Missing Motive tells the tale of a murder that takes place two years before Nora arrives in Eastwind. With Sheriff Bloom by her side, Ruby True attempts to figure out who killed the insufferable druid who has taken up residence in her home. 

Enjoy the divine duo of True and Bloom, and revisit some of your favorite Eastwind townsfolk in this humorous paranormal novella!

Each book is fantastic and they just keep getting better! This is one series I will keep and re-read when I am in need of a good laugh and a vacation…
Nova Nelson has a way of writing that transports you into the book.
Pick up a copy, you won’t be disappointed!
— Sandi M.

Why not stay a spell?

The Eastwind Witches series is best enjoyed in order

A great series with a paranormal story line that will keep you enchanted!
— Evonne Hutton